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Kristy Curry, Seely School District, CA
"I am a new Chief Business Official for a small district. I needed a reliable and affordable way for our district to meet our actuarial requirement. I read about the CSBA Alternative Measurement method and decided the price was right. I was a little skeptical about inputting the figures myself but, I was surprised by how user friendly the program was. I called the help line to make sure I was completing the forms correctly and CSBA staff was able to walk me through the process in a matter of minutes. I was very happy with the service and my actuarial was delivered to my office in a couple of weeks. "

Ray MacGregor, Santa Barbara county Law Library Director, CA
"The Folks at CSBA made it easy to accomplish our AMM study. The process went very well and we were pleased with the result.."

Ellen Owings, Greenville Housing Authority, NC
“Greenville Housing Authority was able to use the CSBA web site to calculate our costs for Post Employment Benefits with great ease. I would recommend using this site to others that are in search of a web site and service that is user friendly. CSBA staff was also available to speak to to answer any questions we had.”