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GASB Alternative Measurement Method (AMM) is an alternative calculation procedure to help government agencies with fewer than 100 plan members meet the GASB reporting requirements.

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Welcome to the GASB Online Alternative Measurement Method (AMM) Web site. Learn about this simple and easy-to-use tool for small public agency employers faced with the need to comply with the actuarial requirements of GASB. By self-populating the necessary information in our GASB Alternative Measurement Method service form, you will save your agency money by using this low cost service and be taking the first proactive step in addressing your agency's other postemployment benefit (OPEB) liabilities.

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Kristy Curry, Seely School District.
"I am a new Chief Business Official for a small district...."

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Ray MacGregor, Santa Barbara county Law Library Director.
"The Folks at CSBA made it easy to accomplish our AMM study....."

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